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Releasing live butterflies at your wedding or special event is an amazing experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.  We specialise in butterfly release for larger events and product launches, and can provide butterflies for display or release. 


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What is Butterfly Release?
Butterfly release involves releasing beautiful, live butterflies which have been hand raised in captivity into the wild at your wedding or special event. This experience is incredible and your guests will love this fantastic opportunity to view this striking display. The butterflies will then go on and live a long and healthy life, just like a butterfly that was born in the wild would . This includes pollinating plants and making more butterflies!

How far in advance should I order?
Orders should be placed a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event. We understand that sometimes you need to place an order for shipment sooner than 6 weeks, so please contact our customer service staff as soon as possible to check availability. We do take orders up to 1 year in advance so feel free to place your order as early as you like. A 50% deposit is required upon placement of your order if your order is over $250 or a 100% deposit is equired is your order totals less than $250. This deposit is refundable if more than 6 weeks notice is given.

How are the butterflies shipped?
Butterflies are shipped in specially designed, insulated packaging. This keeps your butterflies in a hibernation-like state while in transit. This keeps the butterflies calm and extremely safe. You will receive instructions prior to the arrival of your butterflies on how to take care of them once they are delivered to you, so that you are prepared.

What happens if the weather is unfavourable for release?
Please check the wether forecast no less than 7 days prior to the scheduled delivery date for your butterflies. If the wether forecast is unfavourable for release please contact us immediately and we can organise a table display cage to be delivered so that you can still enjoy your purchase. The butterflies can not be released if the temperature is below 20 degres C (they can not fly in cold temperatures) or in heavy rain.

How can I pay for my order?
Payment can be made by deposit into our bank account, money orders are also accepted. Alternatively you can use your credit card or bank account details to pay via PayPal. Speak to our customer service staff for more details. Full payment must be received a minimum of 2 weeks before the delivery date.

Can butterflies be released indoors?
Under no circumstances can butterflies be released indoors. This is very harmful to the butterflies. Butterflies can only be released outside in favourable conditions. If you are unsure please contact our customer service staff for more information. Full instructions on how to release butterflies safely are supplied to you with your butterfly shipment. Releasing butterflies is a very simple process and is made even easier with the step by step instructions provided. If you have any further questions regarding your release, contact our customer service staff and they will be happy to assist.

What happens to the butterflies after they are released?
After the butterfly is released, it will search for flowers to feed on and a sheltered place to spend the night. After this, the butterflies will live the same kind of life as a butterfly that was born in the wild.

When should I release the butterflies?
Butterflies must be release at least 1 hour prior to sunset. This allows the butterflies to find food plants and a suitable place to rest overnight. Some people choose to release their butterflies just after the vows have been said, to symbolise a new beginning, alternatively they can be released by guests as a substitute to throwing rice or confetti. Butterflies can also be releases during the reception while the photographer is present.

How long do butterflies live for?
Contrary to popular belief, butterflies can live up to 6 months. Once your butterfly is released, it will live a full and normal life, the same as if it was born in the wild. It has the opportunity to reproduce and increase wild butterfly populations.

What happens if I receive a deceased butterfly?
Only the youngest and healthiest butterflies are sent to you for release so the likelihood of receiving a deceased butterfly is very slim. The upmost care is taken to carefully hand feed, exercise and pack every butterfly in such a way so that it received safely, but in the unlikely event that you should receive a deceased butterfly, contact us immediately and we will replace or refund the price of the expired butterfly.

Release butterflies for an eco-friendly wedding or special event

Butterflies are good for the environment

The orange Monarch butterfly has recently become popular for release at weddings and other special events simply because the butterfly itself is so beautiful. But did you know that by releasing butterflies at your special event, you can actually help the environment?

No pollution will be generated during the farming of our butterflies

The live monarch butterflies are hand raised on our special butterfly farm where we plant hundreds of host plants to feed our butterflies and caterpillars. These plants absorb carbon dioxide and help to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. The caterpillar of the Monarch butterfly will eat it’s host plant which will then grow back bigger and better than before so that it can absorb even more carbon dioxide. We use all natural compost to nurture our plants, with tank water and a minimal amount of electricity used in the process as well.


Any waste produced, or products that we manufacture are 100% recyclable or reusable

The main waste that comes from farming butterflies is some dead plant materials from pruning etc and caterpillar poo! This is all made into compost which is returned to the farm to help nurture the host plants.


Any water used for cleaning is normally collected and used to water the plants. The butterflies do not add to waste or landfill and are a natural part of our ecosystems. Once the butterfly gets old and dies, it will become food for ants, lizards or birds. Our release boxes and packaging are also recyclable, or you can even re-use them.

Releasing butterflies helps keep the earth green by pollinating plants

Butterfly farming is not harmful to our ecosystem and is actually beneficial for the environment. We help to reduce pollution by planting hundreds of plants in our farm, and when the butterflies are released back into the environment they become a crucial part of ecosystem. As they feed on the nectar from flowers they are covered in pollen from the plant, and when they feed on the next flower they help to fertilise that plant which will then produce seeds, which will in turn make new plants! These plants then absorb carbon dioxide which further decreased the carbon dioxide in the air.

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